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The Erasmus Programme and the School of Chemistry

The School of Chemistry at Bristol has been involved in the Erasmus European exchange programme for many years now. Many Bristol Chemistry students have enriched their learning experience and their language skills by spending a year abroad studying in one of our partner universities. At the same time, the School has received many visitors coming here to spend anything between a few months and a full academic year following courses and/or carrying out a research project.

Bristol students take part in the exchange as a part of the four year Chemistry with Study in Continental Europe (F104) programme. Since 2003, Jeremy Harvey is the course coordinator of this degree course, and also coordinates the studies of incoming students.

Information for Bristol Students

Access to the Erasmus exchange programme for Bristol students is through the Chemistry with Study in Continental Europe MSci course (F104). Over the first two years, this course involves almost the same Chemistry studies as those followed by other Bristol Chemistry MSci students. Students also get specially designed language courses, organised by the Language Centre, to prepare for studying in a foreign language. These courses are called 'Applied Foreign Languages', as the aim is not so much the academic study of the language, as the practical aspects needed to live and study abroad. Students practice speaking, listening, watching films, but also reading scientific articles, and writing, including a large project on a scientific subject. Courses are available in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

The third year is spent in one of our partner universities in Continental Europe, specifically in France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Students already in Bristol studying Chemistry may transfer to the F104 course during the first year (or at the beginning of the second) provided they have some language skills. Useful information about the year abroad can be found on the website of the University of Bristol European Office.

Information for Students from Continental Europe

Every year, several students from our partner universities in Continental Europe come to spend part of the academic year in Bristol as part of their studies. The following web pages can provide some help concerning academic and other matters for prospective students and Socrates coordinators in other universities.

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