Dr. Dominic Walsh ARF Fellow
Email: d.walsh@bristol.ac.uk


Preparation of porous inorganic solids

My research is centered around the preparation and development of porous inorganic structures suitable for use as implant materials such as artificial bones and teeth, as supports for drug delivery or as catalysts or catalyst supports. Previously I have employed various approaches to the preparation of these materials including the use of crystal altering additives in solution, microemulsions, carbonated water systems or other gas releasing reactions or sacrificial dextran templates. This research has included collaborations with NIMS Institute in Tsukuba, Japan, with the NCCR Institute, Osaka, Japan, the University of Bologna, Italy and the Orthopaedics Unit at Southampton University.

Some specific highlights in the research include the preparation of calcium phosphate bone mimic reticulated structures by the mineralization of water channels within a water/oil continuous microemulsion. Porous calcium carbonate spherical sponges were also prepared from mineralizing emulsion system and this system was also used to prepare hollow spherical clay structures. More recently metallic silver and gold foams were formed from dextran/metal salt mixtures that were heated to remove the organic component. A development of this principle was the preparation of frameworks of zeolite crystals contained within interlocked silica fibres. More recently sponge films of ?-tricalcium phosphate bioceramic were prepared by a controlled precipitation at the air/water interface from a carbonated water mineralizing system.

Currently, as an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow I am investigating the use of cold isotatic presssing (CIP) for the preparation of bioceramic tissue scaffolds suitable for cell seeding and also the preparation of catalysts and catalyst supports with an application in fuel cells. Overal CIP is a novel approach and suitable for scaling up for large scale production.

SEM micrographs of some prepared porous ceramics


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Research Grants

1/7/2005 EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship, Novel routes to porous ceramic scaffolds by use of cold isostatic pressing and dextran templating, (5 years), PI D. Walsh.

14/1/2003 ICYS Fellowship (Japan), Preparation of porous implant materials, (1 year), PI D. Walsh.


Invited speaker to several International Conferences in Japan and UK


MRS-J ICAM 2003 Conference, Yokohama, October 2003

AsiaNano 2002 Conference, Tokyo November 2002

IThe 8th International Symposium on Biomineralization, Kurokawa, Niigata, Japan, September 2001.

Young Scientist Reviewer for the journal Biomaterials and author for a chapter on biomimetic chemistry in the Handbook of Biomaterials (NTS Inc. Publishers, 2000).