What are the advantages of RU-486?


Ru-486 can be administrated to a woman as soon as she knows that she is pregnant and wants to have an abortion. By contrast, a woman must wait until the 6th - 8th week before she is able to have a vacuum abortion.

Pregnancy termination with RU-486 is non-surgical, requires no anaesthesia and puts women at no risk of perforation damage to the cervix or infection from instruments. Many women prefer Ru-486 because  it allows them greater psychological control over the termination of pregnancy. It is also considered less physically invasive and appears more similar to a miscarriage than to an induced abortion.
RU-486 can make abortion a more private experience. Women are usually alone when they abort. Further research may lead to a protocol in which only a woman and her own doctor are involved in the administration of RU-486.
RU-486 has the potential to make abortion more accessible. Administering it does not require the same level of specialised medical expertise or time as surgical abortion.
RU-486 has tremendous potential for use in developing countries where hundreds of thousands of women each year are injured or die from unsafe abortion.