How Were These Drugs Used In The Clinical Trials?

The Regimen used in the clinical trial required at least three visits to the clinic, beginning with thorough counselling, a physical examination, and determination of length of pregnancy. At the first visit, the woman swallows three 200mg tablets of mifepristone (a total of 600mg) and remains under observation for half an hour.

At the second visit - two days later - the woman swallows two 200mg tablets of misoprostol (oral prostaglandin) under supervision and remains at the clinic for up to four hours. After two weeks the woman returns for a follow-up visit to ensure that the abortion is complete. If the abortion is not complete at this time, a surgical method of abortion, generally vacuum aspiration or curettage, is used. About half of the women have their abortions during their second visit to the clinic, and roughly 75 percent abort within 24 hours after taking misoprostol.