Has The Regimen Caused Any Deaths?

The only death related to mifepristone to date has been from cardiovascular complications of an older form of prostaglandin that was once used with a regimen of mifepristone. One fatal heart attack occurred during a medical abortion following injection of this different prostaglandin (sulprostone) which is no longer used in France.

Beginning in may 1992, France replaced the injectable prostaglandin with the oral prostaglandin. There have been no deaths since. There is no evidence that the oral prostaglandin - a different class of prostaglandin widely prescribed for a long-term used in the prevention and treatment of peptic ulcer disease - is associated with any such cardiovascular side effects. There have been no serious complications in the more than 200,000 women using the mifepristone/oral prostaglandin combination of drugs for pregnancy termination in France.