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Anaphylaxis: Acute allergic reaction


Angioedema: Rapid swelling (edema) of the tissues under the skin


Antibody: A protein naturally made by the body to fight infection (foreign in nature) and kill bacteria.


Anthracycline: A chemotherapy drug used to treat a wide range of cancers.


Arthralgia: Joint pain


Asthenia: A feeling of weakness with loss of energy and strength


Cardiotoxicity: Toxicity that affects the heart. 


Gene: The basic unit of heredity, composed of DNA.


HER2: Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, found on the surface of cells


Hypersensitivity: An exaggerated immune response to a foreign body


Hypertension: A high blood pressure


Hypotension: A low blood pressrue


Inhibitor: The key component of a lock and key model. It is a substance that can fit in and bind to a receptor (or a protien for example) but does not cause a change in activity of the cell, or protien.


Matastatic cancer: Cancer that has spead from its origial source. Cells can break off from one tumour and form another (metastases).

Monoclonal Antibodies: Engineered antibodies from a biological species, for example a mouse.

Myalgia: Muscle pain

Receptor: A molecule in or on the surface of a cell which selectively binds an antigen, drug or homone etc which ultimately changes the function of that cell. It is the lock component of a lock and key model.

Taxane: An anticancer drug which stops cell division through inhibition of cellular growth.


Urticaria: Chronic hives on the surface of the skin, from an allergic reaction