Electron Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Spin Trapped Radicals From Catalyst Surfaces
An example of a PBN/spin-trapped methyl radical from an aqueous solution of methylcobaloxime photolysed by sunlight (300nm to 450nm)

  • Click on a peak with the left mouse button to get its position
  • Drag with the left mouse button down to ZOOM in on an area
  • Click with the right mouse button to bring up a menu

To see more examples of EMR spectra displayed as JCAMP files see JPM's EMR site - and click on the heading.

Chime Plugin

To view the above spectrum, then if you are running Opera, Netscape or IE under Windows, install the latest Chime plugins in the program/plugins directory, these have aJCAMP-DX plugin, enabling IR, NMR, MS and EMR spectra presentation.

You can examine further JDX (JCAMP) test files, for FTIR, UV/Vis, NMR, MS, GC, EMR (aka EPR, ESR), and different types of JCAMP-DX formats, including files with common errors.