Sample Submission

The following page provides an overview for the submission of routine samples to the mass spectrometry service. You MUST use a separate submission form for each sample submitted. A pdf of the submission form is available. For more detailed guidelines please refer to the specific page below.

There are a number of techniques offered as routine by the service (EI, CI, ESI, Nanospray, APCI and MALDI). If you are unsure of what these various techniques can offer then please read the relevant pages of the web-site or come and talk to the Mass Spectrometry staff to discuss your needs. There are also a number of otherĀ  techniques available on a non-routine basis (for example, LC-MS, GC-MS, MS/MS, MSn etc.).

You must log the samples into our database to be assigned a unique log number for each sample. The database computer is in W404 next to the submission trays. This automatically assigns a service log number for each sample. Please write the number in the box on the submission form. If the boxes on the login page on the database have entries already in them, then click 'add new sample'. The log number will only be generated after you have started entering your details. Please fill in all boxes as this enables us to keep a record of who is using the service.

The following page outlines our submission guidelines for the routine MS service.