NMR Experiment Descriptions

One dimensional NMR experiments are plots of signal intensity against frequency. Two dimensional experiments are usually shown as contour plots of signal intensity against two frequencies. This is similar to the way height is represented on normal maps.

2D experiments are now routinely often run using Pulsed Field Gradients (PFG). This may be indicated by a g in front of the experiment name. For  samples of normal concentration, experiments using Pulse Field Gradients give faster results and cleaner spectra than their non-gradient versions.

COSY (Correlation Spectroscopy)

HMQC (Heteronuclear Multiple-Quantum Correlation)

HSQC (Heteronuclear Single-Quantum Correlation)

HMBC (Heteronuclear Multiple-Bond Correlation)

H2BC (Heteronuclear 2-Bond correlation)


NOESY (Nuclear Overhauser Effect spectroscopy)

ROESY (Rotating-Frame NOE Spectroscopy).

TOCSY (Total Correlation Spectroscopy)