Downloading NMR Data

All NMR files can be downloaded as soon as the experiment is completed. USB sticks or hard drives must never be connected to the NMR instrument PC's.

WinSCP is a file transfer program installed on all managed computers in Chemistry. Connect to the NMR server as follows (this can be saved as a profile to avoid typing in in each time).

Host name:
    User Name:   Your UoB ID
    Password:     Your UoB password


When connected you should then see two windows, on the left a location on your PC (e.g. My Documents), on the right the instrument directories (e.g. JeolECS400 ). Click on the instrument directory, then current year, then supervisors' initials and you should find your files. Remember to copy the whole sample directory with Bruker & Varian data.

For more details on Chemistry Filestore (chm-fs) access and Instrument Facility Data access. 

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