MestReNova NMR software

MestReNova NMR software is available on all managed PC's within the School of Chemistry. The software will process and display 1D and 2D data from the Bruker, JEOL and Varian(Agilent) spectrometers.

Downloading MestreNova

The software and License can be be downloaded from the chemistry filestore (chm-fs) by going to :

Start -> Computer -> Chemistry Filestore - chm-fs -> shared\ob\nmr\chcpb\shareall\MestreNova Installation & License

(or via \\\q\shared\ob\nmr\chcpb\shareall\MestreNova Installation & License)

Off site access to chem-fs

See the IT services information at

Software License

You will need to set the software license when you first use the software and then again once every 90 day's. 

Simply connect to the university network and direct MestreNova to the Installation & License directory above.