NMR Training

NMR training is split into three different sessions. Please note Open Access training is compulsory for anyone entering the NMR labs and includes a safety briefing.

    (1) Open Access NMR training

    This is run weekly (usually at 10am on Wednesday) for the 4 open access instruments (Varian400, Jeol ECS400, Bruker400, Jeol ECS300). 

    (2) Advanced (500MHz) training

    This provided by Prof Craig Butts for those researchers with a specific requirement to use the higher field (500MHz) NMR instruments.

    (3) Manual NMR training

    This provided for those wishing to use the Manual Jeol ECP300scb instrument situated on Level 4 of the SCB.

Sign up sheets for all training sessions are kept in S100 in front of the office. 

Fourth year MSci Project students must attend an Open Access training session even if they have used the NMR instruments during their 3rd Year course.

All new researchers starting in October should also attend the NMR lectures run by Prof Craig Butts at this time.

Please contact the technical staff if you wish to run Low Temp (VT) NMR.