Chemometric Add-ins for Excel

We are pleased to be able to offer an add-in for the popular spreadsheet software Microsoft Excel. The package features a user-friendly interface for common chemometric methods such as PCA (Principal Component Analysis), PCR (Principal Component Regression), PLS (Partial Least Squares), and MLR (Multiple Linear Regression).

For more information, and to download the add-in, please visit our Add-ins page.

Chemometric Exercises

The following problems will be part of a text being produced from Bristol, centred around extensive case studies. Comments, and suggestions for further case studies, in all areas of chemometrics (including calibration, pattern recognition and signal analysis) are welcome and should be sent to Richard Brereton.

The required data is included both in the online and Word versions of each problem, but is also available here in Excel format.

Excel Exercises

The following exercises are intended for those new to Excel, and are designed to introduce many important basic aspects to the student.