The recent couple of years has seen tremendous activity within the chemometrics group in Bristol.


Recently there have been a significant number of productive collaborations.

Public lectures

Recent invited and plenary public lectures.

Recent invited seminars from the group.


Many of former coworkers have continued to be in touch. Some are continuing as postdocs but many are in established positions.

Many former colleagues have worked as postdocs around the world, these include the Universities of Goteberg (Sweden), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Newcastle (UK), Manchester (UK), Campinas (Brazil) and Oxford (UK). And several former colleagues are working as researchers in far flung countries, including the US (Avecia) and Norway (NIFES). Other companies that have employed former graduates for the group include Aromascan, CAMO, and Camsoft.


We continue to be successful in attracting prizes, with two of the main Royal Society of Chemistry Analytical Division prizes being awarded to the group recently.


We regularly develop packages, some under contract.

New space for the Centre

As part of a huge rebuilding and refurbishment project in the School of Chemistry over the past ten years (around £45 million), the Centre for Chemometrics has took possession of new custom build premises in November 2005. This involves a major upgrading of working conditions.