Our areas of interest are indicated below.

Professor of Chemometrics

Richard Brereton email

Research students

Hejun Duan email
Chromatographic and GCMS pattern recognition
Bozena Lukasiak email
Development of polymer classification and grade distinction methods using chemometrics applied to thermomechanical properties
Gavin Lloyd email
Development of statistical methods for forensic analysis of drugs on banknotes
Rita Faria email
Polymer characterisation using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
Kanet Wongravee email
Biological aspects of chemometrics
Dong Li email

Pattern recognition in coupled chromatography

Sila Kittiwachana email

Chemometrics and nanotechnology

Diana Ferreira email

On-line HPLC and multivariate statistical process control in reaction monitoring

John Hall

Biological pattern recognition and handling of GCMS data

Kanan Purkayastha email
Environmental aspects of chemometrics
Sim Siong email
Biological and chromatographic aspects of chemometrics
Mohd Jaafar email
Pattern recognition and QSAR
Agnieszka Lemanska email
Acoustic spectroscopy in pharmaceuticals
Beula Clarkson email


Shahida Waheed email
Airborne pollutants
Ibrahim Naguib email
Chromatography and UV spectroscopy for pharmaceuticals
Chunky Satija email
Chemical Engineering aspects

Project students

Elena Maccioni email

Biological aspects of chemometrics

Andy Lewis email

Pharmaceutical process monitoring

Eddy Wrey email

Environmental aspects