This section is intended as a guide for those new to the field of Chemometrics, and who wish to learn something about it. Many of the sites suggested in the links section are best suited to those already familiar with Chemometrics, but we give below a number of sites geared towards relative new-comers.

ChemWeb Chemometrics Articles - writen by Richard Brereton
A large number of detailed articles, covering many areas of chemometrics, have been writen since the first was published on 12th March 1999. You will need to register with ChemWeb to read these articles, but registration is free. Note that in the 1999 archive, the column was shared with Molecular Modelling articles, hence only every other article relates to Chemometrics.

Chemometrics Lecture Slides - provided by James K. Hardy & the Unversity of Akron
A very comprehensive set of lecture notes covering many topics, including experimental design, calibration, PCA, cluster analysis, and classification.

An Introduction to Chemometrics - by Brian A. Rock
Notes and slides from a presentation given in 1985, which although does not contain much detail of the methods used, gives a good introduction and overview of some techniques.

We hope to add more links to online tutorials in the near future.