Efrosini Moutevelis' Research Page

I am interested in understanding the three-dimensional structure of proteins.

During my research post at the University of Bristol I generated a classification of coiled coils. I processed, visualized and validated structures that include coiled coils and are stored in CC+ database, which is a relational database based on results of Socket. The aim was to examine the presence of existing rules that govern coiled coils and the invention of new ones. I classified them using information from CC+, structural visualization using SwissPDBViewer and PyMOL and scripting in Perl. Mainly coiled coils are classified into Simple coiled coils and Complex coiled-coil assemblies.

Some classes of Complex coiled-coil assemblies are shown below.

At the moment my focus is on the development of a method for the prediction of the oligomeric state of coiled coils. I am also interested in improving coiled coil prediction from sequence generally. In addition to my main projects I include in my research structural modelling of proteins and peptides.

Before moving to Bristol I had a short term Research Associate in Bioinformatics post with Dr Jim Warwicker at the University of Manchester. My PhD in Structural Bioinformatics was carried out under the supervision of Dr Jim Warwicker fully funded by UMIST (now merged with the University of Manchester). It was entitled "Computational studies of the Thioredoxin Superfamily: Insight into the electrostatics properties". Before coming to the UK I executed a one year Masters project in Structural Bioinformatics at the Agricultural University of Athens entitled "Study of the structure of Galactose Dehydrogenase" under the supervision of Professor Elias Eliopoulos, and I worked in his lab collectively for two additional years.



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