Photo gallery

Here are a some photos of the lab past and present. More information about lab members can be found on the group members page.

October 2017

October 2017

Summer 2015 Mega Meeting

Mega Meeting Summer 2015. Back row L-R: Caroline, Caitlin, Jack, Ali, Sesh, James, Will, Jordan, Drew, Chris, Antony, Jo B, Broncio, Kieran, Kerstin. Front row L-R: Guto, Jo G, Jen, Kate, Tasha, Harriet, Emily, Deb, Gail, Ai, Dek

June 2014 Mega Meeting

Mega Meeting July 2014. Back row L-R: Joe, Drew, Guto, Chris, Kerstin, Alex, Frankie, Georgia, Gail, Antony, Kieran, Jordan. Middle row L-R: Jack, Ai, Tasha, Naz, Harriet, Will. Front row: Dek

December 2012 MegaMeeting™

Secret Santa presents - post-Mega Meeting December 2012. Back row L-R: Dek, Chris, Drew, Gail, Aimee, Tasha, Antony, Leyla, Franziska, Ai, Josh. Front row L-R: Naz, Helen, Alex, Kieran, Jordan, Emily.

June 2012 MegaMeeting™

Mega Meeting Summer 2012. From the left: Marc, Franziska, Leyla, Aimee, Kieran, Naz, Antony, Gail, Drew, Tasha, Jordan, Emily and Dek.

Everyone during the June 2006 MegaMeeting™

This is everyone nearing the end of our June 2006 MegaMeeting™, a two-and-a-half day marathon of personal presentations and open [heated?] debate. From the left: Max, Edwin, Dek, Fay, Ellie, Chris, Beth, Oli, Mei-ling, Pat and David.

Dek and his 'One Year At Bristol' cake

To commemmorate our first year at Bristol, some clever person [or indeed persons] baked a cake to surprise Our Glorious Leader during a group meeting.

Everyone during the June 2007 MegaMeeting™

And so, with MegaMeeting™ time having rolled round once more, we have another summery picture. Top row from the left: Kevin, Beth, Max, David, Oli, Ellie, Craig, Stew and Jon. Bottow row from the left: Dek, Fay, Chris and Weijie. Pat, sadly absent, had broken his foot!

The Postgraduates wearing suits for the first “Formal Friday”

In an effort to illustrate comedy isn't dead quite yet, the PhD students in the lab invoke the first “Formal Friday” - a day of revolutionizing outside the box and shifting paradigms. From the left: Pat in his hat, Daniel and his glycerol, Thom and his cheeky grin, Oli and his eyebrow, Craig and his mohican.

The lab get-together barbeque, one sunny weekend in September

The lab takes time out on a sunny Saturday for a barbeque chez Dek. From the back, on the left: Craig, Keith (Fay's hubby), Tim, Kevin, Our Glorious Leader, Fay, Pat and Mina, Zahra, Richard and Debbie, Jo (Kevin's significant other). Front row, from the left: Karen (Tim's other half), Rory, Karen and Drew, and Enzo, Ed and Heidi. What is it with everyone's partners being elsewhere in this photo? I mean, these captions don't write themselves, people!