Guto Rhys's Research Page

Guto graduated from Imperial College London in 2012 with an MSci Chemistry with a Year in Industry. In 2009 he undertook the Novartis Global Discovery Chemistry Summer Internship in Horsham. In 2010 he worked for Boehringer Ingelheim in Biberach an der Riss on a Drug Discovery project at the Lead Optimisation Stage. In 2011 he conducted his master's research on a Total Synthesis of Pseudopterosin aglycone A under the supervision of Prof. Donald Craig. In 2012 he worked in the synthesis laboratory at the University of Leeds as a member of the technical team, supporting the undergraduate students. He is currently undertaking his PhD project under the supervision of Prof. Dek Woolfson, Dr. John Bower and Prof. Leo Brady investigating in to protein design and functionalizing coiled-coil peptide assemblies to generate de novo catalytic peptides. In his spare time he likes watching live music and composing.