Our three labs areas are well equipped to carry out synthesis, characterisation and a wide range of electrochemical and photoelectrochemical techniques. As a group we also have access to a number of world-class facilities both within the School of Chemistry and also across the wider University of Bristol community.

Group Facilities

Electrochemical Equipment

  • Autolab Potentiostat P30 with FRA2 module
  • μ-Autolab with FRA2 module
  • Autolab Potentiostat PGSTAT302N with FRA32M and SCAN250
  • In-house Potentiostats
  • Ivium Compactstat bipotentiostats with FRA modules
  • Ivium Compactstat with FRA module
  • ALS Rotating Ring Disk Apparatus (RRDE-3A)
  • In-house Bipotentiostat
  • Stanford Research Systems Lock-In amplifiers
  • Frequency Generators
  • GC: Agilent 6890 Series Gas Chromatograph
  • Hydrogen Generator: Parker-Balston H2PEM-100 Hydrogen Generator
  • PicoLE™ Scanning Probe Microscope
  • MODU-Laser™ 150 mW laser
  • Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM)

School of Chemistry Facilities

The School of Chemistry affords world-class facilities for a wide range of analytical and experimental techniques, including:

University of Bristol Facilities

The Bristol Electrochemistry Group also works closely with other groups within the School of Physics, Faculty of Engineering and the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials (BCFN) giving us access to a wide range of experimental facilities.