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Publications - 1977

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Diffusion and nuclear magnetic relaxation in concentrated polystyrene solutions

Cosgrove, T.; Warren, R. F.
Sch. Chem., Univ. Bristol, Bristol, Engl.

Polymer (1977), 18(3), 255-8.


The diffusion coeff. (D) and magnetic relaxation times T1 and T2 were measured as a function of mol. wt. for polystyrene solns. in perdeuterated toluene. All 3 values decreased monotonically with increasing mol. wt. and results were consistent with the formation of entangled networks in concd. solns. Above the crit. mol. wt. for the occurrence of entanglements, the polymer backbone motion detd. the behavior of D over the time scale of the expts.

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