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Publications - 1986

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Heterogeneous systems [studies by NMR]

T. Cosgrove
University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

Nucl. Magn. Reson. (1986), 15 374-99


A review with 177 refs. focussed mainly on mols. constrained at interfaces.

The configuration of sodium poly(styrene sulfonate) at polystyrene/solution interfaces

T. Cosgrove, T.M. Obey and B. Vincent
School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

J. Colloid Interface Sci. (1986), 111(2), 409-18


Adsorption isotherms, adsorbed layer hydrodynamic thicknesses (from photon correlation spectroscopy), and segment d. profiles (from small angle neutron scattering) were detd. as a function of ionic strength for two, narrow-mol.-wt. samples of Na poly(styrene sulfonate) on polystyrene latex particles. Four latexes were used, one having a high neg. surface charge and 3 of varying pos. surface charge d. The adsorbed amts. are strongly dependent on ionic strength, but not strongly dependent on the polyelectrolyte mol. wt. With increasing surface charge on the pos. latex particles, the adsorbed amt. decreases. The hydrodynamic thicknesses are relatively small, compared to the values generally found for adsorbed neutral polymers of comparable mol. wt. and adsorbed amt. The one exception is with the very low charged (pos.) surface, where more extended tails are thought to develop. The hydrodynamic thicknesses on the higher charged pos. and neg. surfaces are remarkably similar. The segment d. profiles, in general, confirm the conclusions reached from the other studies here, that is of generally "flat" configurations on highly charged (pos. or neg.) surfaces, with relatively short tails, and possibly the development of some loops at high ionic strengths, where intersegmental electrostatic repulsion is suppressed and the polyelectrolyte chains begin to approach the behavior of neutral polymers.

Experimental aspects of polymer adsorption at solid/solution interfaces

Martien A. Cohen Stuart, Terence Cosgrove and Brian. Vincent
Dep. Phys. Colloid Chem., Agric. Univ., Wageningen, Netherlands

Adv. Colloid Interface Sci. (1986), 24(2-3), 143-239


A review with 222 refs. of new exptl. techniques for studying polymers at interfaces.

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