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Investigating the Physical Properties of Suspoemulsions

Sian Calpin-Davies

Sian Calpin-Davies (previous student, left the group in 1998)

Suspoemulsions are a mixture of suspensions (solid-in-liquid system) and emulsions (two-phase liquid-in-liquid system). A typical example suspoemulsion system consists of solid particles and oil droplets suspended in a continous aqueous phase. Suspoemulsions find many applications in formulations particularly in the agriculture industry where two or more pesticides, one in solid form and the other in oil form need to be used simultaneously.

Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) self-diffusion measurements and Neutron scattering it is possible to observe the interactions between the three phases.

Aerosol generator
A Schematic of the Aerosol Generator at Bristol

This project is funded by ICI and The University of Bristol