Undergraduate Web Projects 2000

These projects were all done voluntarily by Level II Chemistry students in the 2 week period between taking their final exams and receiving their results, June 2000. They were written with minimal formal instructions - the students were just told to 'teach themselves how to write a web page, and write something interesting on a chemical or scientific theme.' The best five sites (chosen from these and from the 1st year students doing the Computer Methods COMS course) have been entered for the Royal Society of Chemistry ExemplarChem National Competition. The sites were judged on (i) Quality and quantity of scientific content, (ii) Design, (iii) Navigation, foward, backward and between pages, and (iv) Relevant links to external web pages.

The sites entered for the RSC competition are:

  1. Superconductivity by Ian Grant (Chemistry): 1st place
  2. 2,4,5-T - Agent Orange by John Hardy (Chemistry) & Pesticides by Amanda Roshier (Equine Science)- : Joint 2nd place
  3. VX Gas by Cavus Batki (Biochemistry) & The Chemistry of Chilli Peppers by Matt Bellringer (Chemistry) : Joint 4th
  4. place.

James TaitIon Propulsion
Matt BellringerThe Chemistry of Chilli Peppers
Ian GrantSuperconductivity
Rob BurrowsVirtual Reaction Vessel
Sarah RogersAspartame
Dave Edmonds"EddNet" Chemistry
Peter LewisQuantum Tunnelling - Theory and Applications
Chris BradshawMurphy's Law
Anna TrimThe Periodic Table
James SaundersHydrazine
John Hardy2,4,5-T - Agent Orange
Alison HesterCholesterol

Paul May, Chemistry Webmaster, June 2000.