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About the Site

For those that aren't aware, this site was produced for a second year undergraduate degree project - the aim being to present a vaguely chemistry-related mini-project in web form, suitable for sixth form/first year undergraduate consumption (which I hope it is) - in under two weeks I should also add.

If you have any problems/comments/queries about the site, I'd greatly appreciate them - you can e-mail me at


Texts used:

  • Superconductivity, C. P. Poole, H. A. Farach, R. J. Creswick, Academic Press, 1995.

  • Physical Chemistry, P. W. Atkins, 6th Ed., Oxford University Press, 1998.

Online sources:


Superconductor Resources on the Web

There are many academic resources on the Internet (nearly every university has a research department), but aside from links referred to elsewhere in the site, the following two general sites are particularly useful:

These two sites have links to many research departments and other sites more useful to the general public, which should keep you going if you want to know more.

A few other sites of interest might be:


Making Your Own Superconductors