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These polar bears are enjoying a refreshing drink of Coca Cola, which contains Aspartame. To view the Coca Cola web page to find out more information click here.

Aspartame is the artificial sweetner used in most diet drinks and other low calorie products. It is 200 times as sweet as table suger (sucrose) but contains only 4 calories per gram
Quotation taken from the Third Edition of Organic Chemistry-Structure and Function by K. Peter C Vollhardt and Neil E. Schore.

The acceptable daily intake is 40mg/kg

The three main reactants used in the synthesis of aspartame are:

  1. aspartic acid
  2. phenylalanine
  3. methanol

    The structure of aspartame is as follows:

    This diagram was copied from the homepage of Dr. R.J. Cox.

    The synthesis of Aspartame can be found by clicking here.

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