Undergraduate Web Projects 2001

These projects were all done by Level II Chemistry students in the 3 week period between taking their final exams and receiving their results, June 2001. They were written with minimal formal instructions - the students were just told to 'teach themselves how to write a web page, and write something interesting on a chemical or scientific theme.' The best four sites (chosen from these and from the 1st year students doing the Computer Methods COMS course) were entered for the Royal Society of Chemistry ExemplarChem National Competition. The sites were judged on (i) Quality and quantity of scientific content, (ii) Design, and (iii) Internet awareness.

The sites entered for the RSC competition were:

Matthew BromleyDiabetes
Joel LoveridgeThe Chemistry of Bees
Sarah AndersonA Rough Guide to E-Numbers           
Sabrina GallonThe Works of Louis Pasteur

Update October 2001 - In the ExemplarChem judging, the projects by Joel Loveridge and Sarah Anderson both won national prizes. More details from here.

Honourable mentions go to: John Bower, Martha Evens, Jacob Filik, Simon Gerrard, Hannah Morgan, Daniel Grey, Eric Coleman, Lucy Moorcraft, Michael Nix, Michael O'Sullivan, Andrew Owen and Jessica Tsiopani, who did excellent projects but didn't quite make the top four.

Note: These projects work best with Internet Explorer, since they were mostly written with MS Frontpage. If you use Netcape you may sometimes find a few strange formatting errors, or even crashes. Also, you may need the Chime plug-in to see the 3D molecular structures present on many of the pages.

Anderson, Sarah FrancesA Rough Guide to E-Numbers
Andrews, Rachel LouiseNanotubes
Austin, Rachel ElaineOzone
Batten, Sarah AnneThe Chemistry of Champagne
Bell, Thomas WilliamStrychnine
Bolger, Helen AlexandraDorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
Bower, John ForwoodIbuprofen
Burbridge, DanielMolecular Modelling
Chapman, Katie HelenBioluminescence
Craik-White, Henry WilliamGaucher's Disease
Davies, Cerian SianDiscovery of X-rays and some of their uses
Fraser, TamsinContamination after the Chernobyl Accident
Parrott, Lisa JodieConducting Polymers
Crawford, Hazel SuzanneThe Chemistry of Tea
Cressey, Daniel PeterThe Chemistry of Vinyl
Cumber, Hannah RoseThe Chemistry of Sunscreens
Davies, David Martyn EdwardPeriodic table of elements
Dixon, Sarah JoannaSpectroscopy
Esser, AmyPVC
Evans, Rebecca JaneCaffeine
Evens, Martha EloiseBeta-Carotene
Filik, JacobPolymers and Polymerisation
Finlayson, Louise MargaretMarie Curie
Fry, Peter TimothyAcid Rain
Galvani, Clare MarieThe Joy of Electrochemistry
Gerrard, Simon RichardPoisons in your Flowerbed
Harwood, AimieAurora Borealis - the Northern Lights
Huxster, Anna Louise(postponed)
Morgan, Hannah VictoriaThe Chemistry Behind Swimming Pools
Pearson, Daniel George DavidCocaine
Ghumra, AmitSorbic Acid and its Preservative Powers
Grant, Russell JamesCocaine
Grassby, TerriThe Structure and Function of Micronutrients in vivo
Gray, Matthew ThomasThe Chemistry of Garlic and Onions
Grey, Daniel ThomasAnabolic Steroids
Harvey, Elizabeth JaneAn ABC of Vitamins
Hoets, JuliaMesoporous Materials
Powles, HenryCaffeine
Stelz, Christopher JornLinus Pauling - Scientist and Humanitarian
Tilling, Simon AndrewCaffeine
Alford, Holly AnneVitamins
Bromley, Keith MatthewDiabetes
Browett, Oliver DavidBuckminsterfullerene
Coleman, Eric AndrewGarlic
Conboy, Aylin JoyBucky Balls
Hoyle, SimonThe Chemistry of Haemoglobin
Jardel, Demian VictorExplosives
Khan, Ambur ShereenMagnetic Resonance Imaging
Knowles, Timothy David JamesAlcohol Online
Love, Christopher David PeterChemical Light
Loveridge, Edric JoelThe Chemistry of Bees
Lucas, Benjamin RuttiTrans-Actinide Elements
Luxford, NaomiUranium
Manchanda, Samir PeterSam's Up and Coming Viagra Site!
Marsden, Sarah ElizabethBarbiturates
May, Andrew JamesCarbon
Meeraus, Wilhelmine HadlerScuba Diving and its Chemistry
Mercer, Lucy AnneThe Life and Works of Dorothy Hodgkin
Gallon, Sabrina BeverleyThe Works of Louis Pasteur
Hossain, Laila HasinaLavoisier and the Discovery of Combustion
Lovell, Rebecca Mary BThe Ozone Hole
Moore, Thomas MichaelWhat is a Mole?
Patel, MitainSerotonin
Presly, Oliver CharlesFriedel-Crafts Alkylation and Alkanoylation
Prime, Christopher JohnAmmonia - The story behind the gas
Ralling, Christopher Frederick JOcta-Nitro-Cubane
Ratcliffe, David AlbertSildenafil (Viagra)
Rees, David OwenThe Drug Revolution
Riis-Johannessen, ThomasElectric Eels
Rundle, StuartChemical Warfare Agents
Sampson, Helen AnnHemoglobin
Scott Bolton, Chloe MaryAdrenaline
Scott, Nicholas JamesPollution
Sharp, Christopher WilliamTabun
Simson, Adam NicholasThe Chemistry Behind The Kyoto Treaty
Smith, Alastair GrahamDrugs in Sport
Straughan, Jennifer AnneCocaine
Millward, Joanna MarieA Chocolate Composition
Moorcraft, Lucy PatriciaThe Dambusters
Nix, Michael Geoffrey DyerMusic to Dye for
O'Sullivan, Michael FrancesMan Made Fire
Owen, Andrew CharlesAIDS
Pickworth, MarkCreatine
Short, Richard CharlesThe Methods of Decaffeinating Coffee
Taylor, Luke Harry JoelThermite
Tran, DenhHydrogen - the Fuel of the Future
Tredget, Cara SiobhanChemistry Through the Ages
Tsiopani, Jessica LouiseBipolar - a selfish disease
Tweedale, Stuart RobertBuckminster Fullerenes
Vines, PaulComputers in Chemistry
White, Peter Mark CopelandUnbearable Strangeness - the thoroughly odd in Chemistry
Wigg, Patrick James ChristopherTechnetium and its use in Nuclear Medicine
Woodward, Andrew JamespH and Similar Values
Wright, Michael Jiro DalesNapalm
Wyatt, Emma ElizabethHoney

Paul May, Chemistry Webmaster, June 2001.