What does the Aurora Borealis look like?

The aurora comes in various shapes including patches of light, in the form of streamers, arcs, banks, rays, or resembling hanging draperies.  Auroral displays are also very colourful appearing in shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet.  Its colours are related to gases in the upper atmosphere: oxygen causing green and red, nitrogen responsible for blue, purple and red auroras. It can hang in the sky like fluorescent ribbons or wave in drapery-like folds.

The beauty of the Aurora Borealis has evoked a sense of awe in those whom have been fortunate enough to experience its mysterious glow.  Indeed the light have been the source of inspiration for may poets over the years.  One such example is given below:

                                   "Northern Lights"

                                What a game, what a sprightliness,
                                what a blazing sheen!
                                Are those sunfolk that twirl
                                there in the sparkling dance?
                                Are the Milky Way sprites
                                that leap as they run?
                                Are they elves from invisible
                                worlds, in a hovering ring?
                                I should stop and stand still,
                                I should goggle and stare.
                                It's an amazing evening of flame.
                                There, the heavens ignite!
                                See the huge breakers pound
                                and the lightening flash
                                over the loftiest peak!
                                Ah, there it fades.
                                But comes again
                                with crackling flame.
                                And quivers and shakes
                                like a raggedy shawl.

From the anthology Ascent (Uppveg)(1921)