production & uses   

When mining typical uranium ore contains 0.14% U3O8 , this is then milled to form 'yellow cake' which is concentrated U3O8.  This is then converted to uranium hexafluoride (UF6) which can be enriched by partially filtering the gaseous atoms.  (235U filters through faster as it is slightly lighter and therefore moves slightly faster.)  Depleted fuel is safely stored while the fuel is fabricated, producing power plant fuel.  This then powers the reactor with around a third being replaced each year.  Spent fuel is stored pending reprocessing or permanent storage.

Radiation at low levels can be used to diagnose and treat diseases primarily tumours.  As tracers radioisotopes are injected into the body and their movement within the body traced.  The accumulation in a specific are or organ can indicate at the physical and chemical processes within the body.

Cancerous tissues are regions of high metabolic activity and the diseased tissue can be destroyed using gamma rays concentrated on a small area.  The gamma rays will spread out over the adjacent layers of the body causing less damage to healthy tissue.  

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