Viagra news stories

This page highlights a few of news stories citing the use of Viagra:

A 91 year old man who recently was prescribed Viagra is said to be ecstatic with the results of the drug.  The man first went to see his doctor when he ran into a few problems in the bedroom with his wife (30 years his junior).  The man appears to be enjoying a full life now and is said to be much happier.  The 91 year old also enjoys water-skiing and regularly holidays.  His doctor said that he has also prescribe the drug to 26 other people over the age of 75 including one man who had not had sex for 18 years and was delighted with the results.  The doctor also said that quite often the men are too embarrassed to come into the surgery themselves and often it is wives who first enquire about the drug. 
The notoriety of the drug has also reached the shores of the Richard and Judy Show.  The show conducted a test of the drugs effectiveness using three guinea pig couples and was attacked as being "tacky and unhelpful".  There were 6 complaints to the Independent Television Commission and the feeling was the same amongst some medical staff.  However, others felt the program reduced embarrassment levels normally associated with the subject.

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