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Somerville College
May 17th, 1931
My dearest Mummy and Daddy,
... A few days ago Dr. Joseph wrote to me to say that he had asked
Professor Lowry about the possibility of my doing X-ray work on crystals -
and whether it was a good thing ...
... And all that sounded very nice - really excellent just then -
since the X-ray work would be useful in absolutely anything I decided to do
ever afterwards and yet if I did not do it now - I probably should not have
the chance again.
But at the moment I'm feeling quite appalled at the prospect. 
There will be such a fearful lot of work - and mathematics - involved. And
I was just beginning to rejoice so much in the idea of a nice quiet organic
research that would involve no brain whatsoever.
As it is, it will be pure brain work - I'm just shivering in my
shoes - terribly afraid I really am trying to force too much on one poor
little brain that is almost non-existent already ...