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The synthesis of Crixivan is a formidable target, and is probably the most complex compound ever made in quantity. Every HIV/AIDS patient taking the drug, requires about 1kg per year, so the synthesis needs to be extremely efficient. Using retrosynthetic analysis, we can suggest possible synthons, for the synthesis of Crixivan.


Using these reagents, under specific conditions Crixivan can be synthesized, with special attention being paid to the stereogenic centers. On the following pages are a few plausible steps for the synthesis, of parts, of Crixivan.

For further, specific information about Crixivan, visit this site : www.aidsinfonyc.org/network/simple/indi.html 

Crixivan, AZT and 3-TC are now used as a cocktail of drugs, which can reduce the amount of virus below a detectable level. Preceding the use of anti-viral drug cocktails, many HIV/AIDS sufferers were dead within 2 years of contracting the disease. Now is not inconceivable for an HIV/AIDS sufferer to live over 30 years after contracting the disease.

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