The human genome project has therefore major consequences for industrial chemistry, in the development of new drugs, as companies can take two possible lines:

The ethical choice:

This is to develop a drug which varies in accordance with individual SNP. This process can therefore be expensive and a loss of profit would be inevitable.

The economical choice:

To take the sequences from the most common SNPs and manufacture only those drugs that can be produced on mass i.e. profit would not be affected.


Thus, the consequences of this revolution in medicine have huge repercussions. For although the direct response to this major development is that everybody should benefit, this (as outlined above) may not be the case. For in this money driven world, it seems that the economical choice would be chosen, making the words of Darwin resonant with astounding accuracy. As natural selection is now destined to stand at the forefront of future health care systems. As those in the minority, i.e. possessing the least common SNPs, are likely to be discriminated against most.