Synchronization of electrocytic stimulation is a major problem to overcome because, in theory, the further away an electrocyte is from the brain, the longer in takes for the nerve impulse to reach the electrocyte......and thus more remote (further away from the brain) electrocytes would be activated after proxy electrocytes. This would result in a weaker, longer lasting discharge pulse as opposed to a short, intense, pulse.

 To tackle this problem, certain modifications have to be to the motorneurons which deliver the "go ahead" signal from the brain.

1) The neurons which are connected to closer electrocytes take a longer path.

2) The neurons connected to closer electrocytes are thinner, thus slowing down the action potential.

3) The axons have longer branches to nearer electrocytes than the more remote electrocytes.


    This is a diagram of a series of electrocytes connected to axon branches.

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