L-adrenaline was first isolated from the adrenal medulla in 1900. (C9H13NO3) is a catecholamine and belongs to the family of biogenic amines. It forms colourless to white crystalls (mp: 211-212 C). Adrenaline is air and light sensitive and forms dark products during decomposition.
Adrenaline has 65 molecular orbitals of which 36 are occupied and 29 are unoccupied. The lowest energy unccupied and the highest energy occupied molecular orbitals are shown below (with the LUMO on the left and the HOMO on the right).


Molecular weight: 183.21 g/mol
Melting point: 215 'C
Water solubility: <0.01g 1100 ml at 18 'C
Standard heat of formation: 439.17 Kj/mol