The Humanitarian:


Following the use of the atomic bomb, Pauling devoted much of his time educating the public about the devastating effects of fallout and nuclear weapons. With his wife, Ava Helen, he submitted a petition to the United Nations with the signatures of more than 11,000 scientists. His tireless efforts resulted in the partial nuclear test ban treaty which was signed on October 10, 1963; on that same day the Nobel Committee announced Pauling had been selected for the 1962 Peace Prize. Perhaps best known for his black beret and his crusade for Vitamin C, Pauling demonstrated tremendous courage standing up for his beliefs, at the risk of his reputation and livelihood. Always curious, always investigating, always independent, his colorful life covered almost the entire twentieth century. Terrifically prolific and active until the end of his life, Pauling was a multifaceted genius who provides a model for what one person can accomplish in a lifetime.