Exposure to cocaine prenatally

Babies exposed to cocaine prenatally have increased creatine and other choline containing compounds in the white frontal matter of the brain.  Other abnormalities of energy metabolism in the brain are expected to occur.  There is also an increased incident of subependymal cysts formed in both preterm and full term babies exposed to cocaine prenatally.13 Cocaine causes blood vessels to constrict, restricting the flow of oxygen and nutrients which can result in the placenta tearing away from the uterine wall and premature delivery. Brain cells deprived of oxygen will atrophy and die leaving lesions on the surface of the brain. Heavy use towards the end of pregnancy can lead to the disruption of fetal blood supplied to organs or limbs causing deformed organs or shrivelled arms and legs. .

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'Crack' cocaine

Crack cocaine is a smokable form of cocaine, achieved by treating the cocaine hydrochloride with household baking soda. When the resulting nuggets are crushed up and smoked the residue of soda crackles as it is burnt off, so giving this form its name. This preparation frees the cocaine alkaloid base from its hydrochloride salt-hence it is called freebase cocaine and the process freebasing- allowing it to vaporize at a lower temperature. Inhalation into the lungs provides a much speedier way for the drug to enter the bloodstream than injecting or snorting the untreated cocaine.


“The cocaine is delivered to the brain within seconds, producing an intense rush followed by an extreme high lasting about half an hour”.


The comedown is hard.  Users feel tired depressed and the head and body may ache.  The craving for more is very strong.  Excessive doses can cause death from respiratory or heart failure.


About £25 for a rock containing a quarter gramme.


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