Discovery of caffeine
Caffeine in the lab
Caffeine and plants
Students and Caffeine

Students and Caffeine

Everybody is using coffee. If possible, this must be prevented. My people must drink beer.

Frederick the Great, from a proclamation against coffee, September 13, 1777


The Boston Tea Party, a favourite of Bristol Students

Whether cluttering up coffeehouses or bingeing on supplements to meet deadlines, students and caffeine have been linked together for centuries. Yes, students and ethanol have been linked together, too (thus the quote), but that's another story. In a tribute to my current occupation, the following two pages examine two student based areas of the caffeine world.

The Oxford Coffee Club. A tale of how students introduced coffee to England.

Caffeine Fueled "All-Nighters". Do they work?

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Caffeine - Simon Tilling