"Don't Give Up"

Just when I don't think I can take no more

Been disappointed too many times

One of my crew puts their arm around me

and says that if I

don't give up, then I'll be fine.

At times in my life, I've done so well,

I've spent time on the top.                                               

I've also been in the ruins

demoralized and dropped.                                                  

That's just the way things are,

You can never expect more,                                                          

Half the time you're winning,

And the rest you're on the floor.

This world's as full of beauty                                                 

as it is of hate,

That's just the way it is,

Some things won't ever change.

Focus on the positive, and use your mind.

Don't ever give up, and you'll be just fine.

Some of dem like drugs, 

and some of dem like to fight.

Negativity inspired somewhere

every single night.

Got to set examples for

the weak of the mind.

Don't stop spreading the knowledge

till the end of time.

So many hateful people,                                                     

so many are deranged.

It can take its toll on you,

when life gets rearranged.

It's a proven fact that you                                                

get what you give,

and you can make an impact

in the way your life is lived.


                                                                                                                                       Nick Traina (1979 - 1997)



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