During the course of studying Chemistry, both at A-Level and for my degree I have come across many phenomena that have struck me as strange, everything from the slightly odd concept of 'The Uncertainty Principle' to the frankly bazzar behavour of quarks.

This site aims to explain some of the things that people often are told and just accept without a proper understanding of why they occur. It also aims to describe some of the current curiosities and how some seemingly impossible problems were finally solved.


Everyday Strangeness

Here I look at some of the things like tunneling that often appear very strange to people because they are not given an explaination of the underlying reason.

Historical Strangeness

Many times in history scientists have had to accept things that are apparently 'unbearably strange' in order to explain what is going on in the world.

The Very Bazzar

Can you conceve of a particle that has 720o rotational symmetry? Have you ever heard of light travelling faster than light? Well look no further!

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This page has been created by Peter White, June 2001