Physical Properties of Honey

The Physical State of Honey:

Whilst honey is most commonly found as a very sticky, viscous liquid, the super-saturated nature of the solution means that honey can also take on a semi-solid state known as crystallized or granulated honey. This occurs naturally when the glucose spontaneously precipitates out of the super-saturated solution. The glucose loses water, becoming glucose monohydrate, and takes the form of a crystal. The crystals form a lattice, which immobilizes the other components in the honey, thus resulting in the semi-solid state.

Whether a honey will crystallize or not is primarily dependent on the fructose/glucose and the glucose/water rations. Honeys with a low glucose/water ratio do not readily crystallize.

The Colour of Honey

The colour of honey varies depending on the original floral source of the honey. Many monofloral honeys have quite distinctive and varying colours.