Undergraduate Web Projects 2002

These projects were all done by Level II Chemistry students in the 3 week period between taking their final exams and receiving their results, June 2002. They were written with minimal formal instructions - the students were just told to 'teach themselves how to write a web page, and write something interesting on a chemical or scientific theme'. The best (four) sites were entered for the Royal Society of Chemistry ExemplarChem National Competition. The sites were judged on (i) Quality and quantity of scientific content, (ii) Design, and (iii) Internet awareness.

Note: These projects work best with Internet Explorer, since they were mostly written with MS Frontpage. If you use Netcape you may sometimes find a few strange formatting errors, or even crashes. Also, you may need the Chime plug-in to see the 3D molecular structures present on many of the pages. Some of the pages also require the Flash and Shockwave plug-ins.

The local Bristol competition was won by James Crabb (see below) who wins 50, and the 4 sites entered for the RSC Exemplarchem competition were:

CRABB, JamesAlchemy
GRANT, IanPotential Energy Surfaces and Conical Intersections
LEVASSEUR, KirstyAntiretroviral Drugs in the Treatment of HIV
TAN, EmilyNanoparticles

However, this year there were so many superb projects that it was difficult to choose between them. In fact, it was so close between the top 11 sites, that we have also submitted the following 7 extra sites, which were put forward to ExemplarChem as Exhibit-only sites.

Stop press: 30/11/02 - At the ExemplarChem prizegiving ceremony yesterday, three of the above projects won prizes, and a cheque for 250. They were James Crabb - Alchemy, Ian Grant - Potential Energy Surfaces, and Kirsty Levasseur - AntiRetroviral drugs. Well done to all those who took part!

HOWELL, MaxLight-Emitting Polymers
LI, VivienneSpider Silk
WHITEHOUSE, JenniferThe Carbon Dioxide Lakes
UPTON, ClareChemistry of Vision
THOMAS, PeterBotulinum Toxins
MATTHEWS, StevenThe Computer: The Future of the Microprocessor
McCORMICK, LisaBlood

Honourable mentions for very good sites also go to: Elizabeth Wrigglesworth, Lik Ren Tai, Margaret Spence, James Senior, Zoe Schnepp, Rebecca Sage, Fiona Rawlinson, Samuel Murphy, Fiona Jeffery, Sarah Hull, Stephen Homer, Louise Homer, Declan Fleming, Laura Baldelli, Lucy Bowen, Tim Aldridge, Jon Elsworth, Philip Gray, Josephine Jones and Heulwen Price, which only missed out being in the top ten by 1 or 2 marks. Some of these projects may well become Molecule of the Month pages next year...

The full list of projects submitted this year are:

ALDRIDGE, TimKetamine
ANDERSON, KellyChemistry@Home
BALDELLI, LauraGM Food for Beginners
BARWELL, NicholasBenzene
BEVAN, RobertVitamin B
BOWEN, LucyChemistry and Dairy Farming
CASTRIQUE, EmmaRotenone
CHAPPLE, LucyRadioactivity
COOPER, AmyChemistry of Coral
CRABB, JamesAlchemy
DAVIES, BethanForensic DNA Testing
DAVIES, PaulThe Chemistry of Colloids
DAVY, StephenAlcohols
DEAN, MichaelUranium
EDWARDS, AndrewKevlar
ELSWORTH, JonDeadly by Nature
FARMER, RebeccaThe Evolution of Modern Chemistry
FLEMING, DeclanLuminol
GRANT, IanPotential Energy Surfaces and Conical Intersections
GRAY, PhilipKiller compounds
HAMILTON, CharlotteBones
HANDLEY, LukeFamous French Chemists
HOMER, LouiseUnmasking the Truth
HOMER, StephenGilles de la Tourette's Syndrome
HOWELL, MaxLight-Emitting Polymers
HOWELLS, CatherineGreen Chemistry
HULL, SarahChemistry at Home
IDOINE, FayNo project Submitted
JAMES, MatthewThe Chemistry of Carbon Fibre
JEFFREY, FionaQuinine
JONES, BethanyThe Chemistry of the Planets
JONES, JosephineJungle Remedies
KNIGHT, JamesThe Hindenburg
KNOWLES, TimothyBuckminsterfullerene
LAM, RaymondThe Chemistry Of Benzene
LEVASSEUR, KirstyAntiretroviral Drugs in the Treatment of HIV
LI, VivienneSpider Silk
MATTHEWS, StevenThe Computer: The Future of the Microprocessor
McCORMICK, LisaBlood
MORGAN, EmilyGetting from A to B
MOXHAM, GemmaLavender
MURPHY, SamuelThe Interstellar Medium
PILARSKI, LukaszThe Chemistry Of Poisonous Frogs
PRICE, HeulwenThe Chemistry of Dyes
RAKOTOMALALA, MurielKitchen Chemistry
RAWLINSON, FionaOrganic Semiconductors
ROBSON, AlexanderFormaldehyde - its history, chemistry and uses
SAGE, RebeccaThyroxine
SCHNEPP, ZoeVitamins
SENIOR, JamesPerformance Enhancing Drugs
SHEARD, KatherineAsthma
SHILLINGS, AlexanderBang! You're Not Dead. The Science behind Airbags
SHORROCK, ThomasDeep Diving
SIDELL, AndrewRadioactivity
SPENCE, MargaretOur Earth
SWIFT, MatthewThe Game of Golf
TAI, Lik RenThe Atmosphere of Mars
TAN, EmilyNanoparticles
TAN, JessicaThe Bhopal Disaster
THOMAS, PeterBotulinum Toxins
THOMSON, AlisonThe Chemistry Detectives
THORNTON, AlastairPenicillin
TUBB, NathanThe Science & History behind Alchemy
UPTON, ClareChemistry of Vision
WHITAKER, GemmaMultiple Sclerosis
WHITEHOUSE, JenniferThe Carbon Dioxide Lakes
WINDER, PhilipCodeine
WRIGGLESWORTH, ElizabethThe History and Applications of Nuclear Medicine
YUNG, JackieEl Nino

Paul May, Chemistry Webmaster, June 2002.