Interesting Facts


Less than 10% of over 3,500 known species of snake are venomous.


All sea snakes, although air breathing, can stay underwater for up to 2 hours.


The Inland Taipan has the most potent venom of any terrestrial land snake in the world.


Tetrodotoxin blocks sodium cannels causing rapid paralysis, however it leaves the victim completely conscious.  For example, in 1962 a Haitian man claimed he heard himself being pronounced dead and placed in a coffin before being buried.  Later, he was dug up by voodoo sorcerers but escaped when the zombie master was killed.  He returned home to his native village some 16 years later and proved his identity with information only the real man could provide.  Very strange!

A single milligram of tetrodotoxin, the amount that can be placed on a pin head, is sufficient to kill an adult.


Tetrodotoxin is 10-100 times as lethal as black widow spider venom, and when administered to mice was found to be more than 10,000 deadlier than cyanide.


The venom from one sea snake is sufficient to kill 3 men.


Octopuses have the ability to escape out of a hole the size of their eye, which is also the size of their brain.


Sea snake venom is 2-10 times as venomous as terrestrial snakes.


Funnel web spiders are only found in Australia, but are very aggressive.  Beware Arachnophobics.


Australia is the only country in the world in which the number of venomous snake species outweighs the non-venomous species.  So be careful in planning your next holiday!