Introduction to Nanoscience
Professor Vicki Colvin, Rice University Department of Chemistry and Center for Nanoscale science and Technology
Nanotechnology: It's a Small, Small, Small, Small World
R. C. Merkle,    
Nanotechnology: Electronics and the single atom
S. D. Franceschi, L. Kouwenhoven, Nature, 2000, 417, 701702
Single-electron transistors
Michel Devoret and Christian Glattli, Physics World, September 1998
Solar Leaves
S. Narayanan, The Chemical Engineers' Resource Page
Nanocrystalline Electrochromic Devices
P. Bonhote, edited by K. Kalyanasundara, Laboratory for Photonics and Interfaces.
Institute of Nanotechnology
About - Art and Technology
How Stuff Work
Nanotechnology Database