The Chemiluminescence of Luminol - Declan Fleming - University of Bristol

During my A-levels, we had to do a month long investigation into a subject of our own choice; I chose chemiluminescence and quickly found that the luminol reaction was a cheap and effective way of exploring this area (we had to buy our own chemicals on a budget).

As a sixth-former, I found it difficult to get access to specified information not on the curriculum. Local university libraries were an intimidating and overwhelming resource that I felt both lost and unwelcome in. Looking around the Internet I found a vast diversity of websites on the subject, mostly infuriatingly dumbed down and some that were far beyond my comprehension.

Choosing this subject for a website allows me to create a site aimed specifically at sixth formers giving them useful insight into the reaction and enough knowledge to gain something from the project and write an excellent report showing that they have an understanding of chemistry beyond that which they have been spoon-fed in lessons.

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