LEP, LED, LCD...eh??

There are a fair few acronyms, here I decode them for you.

Light Emitting Polymer. A polymer that fluoresces when a potential difference is applied.
Light Emitting Diode. The hard-disc light on your computer is almost definately an LED. Cheap, long-life, low power, LEDs are small, bright light sources that come in a range of colours. The technology is similar to that in PLEDs..
Polymer Light Emitting Diode. An LEP sandwiched within a diode.
Liquid Crystal Display. Not related to LEPs. A form of display technology currently in use.
Organic Light Emitting Diode. A form of LED that uses organic substrates as oppossed to usual silicon mix.
PLED cross-section.
An example of a PLED

last updated: 18-Jun-2002