References and Links

These are mostly excellent links that helped me assemble the site's information almost exclusively.


June 2002 - An extremely recent and accurate article by a researcher at CDT for OEMagazine. Excellent explanations of LEP technology, relevant discussion of LEP's future.
Seemingly an excellent article written by scientists in the field. Some nice pictures. I haven't had a chance to look through this one yet however.
Philips discuss their LEP research, they licensed the technology from CDT. Good information.
Wave Report
A comparison of display technologies, old and new (LEP).
Certainly a dubious source, although there is plenty of information, treat with a pinch of salt.
Future of Print-Media
Spring 1999 - A good article that seems to address the marketability of LEPs and their probability of success.


Mark Williamson
Another student created a LEP site. Like mine, some areas are good, others a little brief, (also the use of the particle in a box model is invalid, I tried it too you see..)


Axelle's OLED Page
An amateur sounding title, but a treasure trove of LEP links and sites. Well worth a rummage!
David Braun
If only I had found this page sooner! Really good links.

CDT Articles

LEPs technological backgrounder
Not as easy a read as you would like, but these are the men behind teh magic.
High Performance LEPs for colour displays
Full of numbers and specifications. Nice.

Journal Articles

  1. Burroughs et al., Nature, 347, 539.
  2. Friend et al., Nature, 397, 121.
  3. Wilson et al., Nature, 413, 828.
  4. Page of references.

last updated: 19-Jun-2002