Modified syntheses and processes can benefit industry as well as the environment.  In this modern age, it is required by law that chemists are aware of the potential and real effects of their work.  Legislation and public awareness are leaving companies with little choice but to minimise waste.

Cleaner syntheses are a major aspect of minimisation.  Limitations of raw materials, combined with environmental concerns necessitate the rethinking of many strategies.  The cost of treatment and disposal of chemical substances have become of significant importance.

The polymer industry is a good example of where a fine balance must be achieved between cost, performance and adverse environmental effects.  It highlights the need for solutions to be able to be technical reality and, at the same time, commercially accepted.

Current developments can be looked at as a 'prototype' for a successful market in the future.  Successful chemists and chemical companies of the future will be those who adopt green chemistry principles into all aspects of their work.  If companies do not adopt low cost, greener approaches then it is quite possible that they will simply not survive.   

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