Shaving Foam

Shaving foam is a soap solution released from a pressurised can in a foaming state for spreading on the shaver's face.


Below is a list of ingredients of a well known shaving gel.  The particular components are selected to blend together in a smooth emulsion when propelled from the can.  The result should feel, look and smell attractive and a greenish colour is designed to appear clean and antiseptic by the customer.



Water Solvent
Palmitic acid Acid, emulsifier
Parfum Perfume
Triethanolamine Base
Glyceryth-26 Surfactant
Isopentane Propellant
Oleth-2 Surfactant
Stearic acid Acid, emulsifier
Isobutane Propellant
PEG-14M Surfactant
Allantoin Promotes healing in case of cuts
Sorbitol Holds moisture on the face and keep the lather from drying out during the shave
Hydroxyethyl-cellulose Gives body
Hydroxypropyl-cellulose Gives body
PEG-150 distearate Surfactant
Cl 42053 Green dye
Cl 47005 Yellow dye

The description of this particular shaving foam is 'superior lubricants within the gel prepare the skin for an exceptionally close, comfortable and effective shave.  It contains added moisturisers to help protect the skin from razor burn.  Lightly fragranced.'

The surfactants in the gel improve the density and stability of the product without irritating the skin.


The Shaving Game

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