The Hindenburg was the largest ever airship and it was the first to cross the Atlantic ocean. It was capable of carrying 72 passengers and 40 staff. The passenger's rooms were quite sparse, especially when compared to those available on cruise liners of the time, but the lounge and other public rooms were elegant. 

It was a new design in that it was cigar shaped, not the usual cylinder. This reduced air resistance and allowed a greater top speed.

Hindenburg was the first craft to offer scheduled flights between America and Europe, these started in May 1936.


This is a comparison of the sizes of the Hindenburg, a Boeing 747 and the titanic. The Hindenburg was 245 meters long and cost $3.75 million to build, tickets cost $400 one way and $720 return.

There is a film about the Hindenburg, 'The Hindenburg', which was produced in 1975 and stars George C Scott and Anne Bancroft. It uses a combination of real and fake footage for the actual disaster scene. Some of the actual survivors play parts in the film.